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Apple MacBook Air Buying Guide

Light, fast and multi-ported, the MacBook Air has long held a place in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts as a transportable tool for businesspeople and students alike. In 2016, Apple quietly pulled the 11-inch MacBook Air from the product line and the 13-inch MacBook Air became the last of its kind. The entry-level MacBook Air [...]

How to Change the Apple ID on your Mac

We at PowerMax understand that with the advent of our new, digital society, we still are not immune to a plethora of applications, registrations & paperwork. Sometimes it seems as though everything we do requires filling out a two page document in addition to an email address, AND a password; at least eight characters, AND [...]

How to Copy and Paste on a Mac

Anyone who has had to type up huge chunks of text will agree that the copy and paste functions are probably two of the best things ever invented. And it’s not only good for editing lengthy lines of text, it’s also quite handy for people who have trouble remembering complex combinations like PIN codes, serial [...]

iPad Generations Explained

iPad technology, like all things Apple, has transformed the way we use technology. Since its inception in 2010, the iPad has offered a tablet-sized method for surfing the web, checking emails, watching movies and reading books. Now as Apple releases the second generation of iPad Pro, these tablets do more, perform faster and have become [...]

How to Clean your Laptop Screen

Like everything that is constantly in use, your Apple laptop screen needs a little cleaning every once in awhile to stay in pristine shape. However, compared to other everyday items, your laptop screen is made up of materials that can be easily and permanently damaged if handled the wrong way. It’s imperative to take extra [...]