How To Right Click On Your Macbook

Do you know those things that you never really think about because you’ve been so used to them working in a certain way that you unconsciously assume that they will always work that way regardless of what product you were using until you found out that they apparently don’t? Doing a right click on your [...]

How To Reset Your Mac

People age, so do computers. Yes, even Macs. It’s an inevitable part of life. Fortunately, when computers start slowing a teeny bit down or just become a little too bogged down for you to deal with, you can just do a simple reset and watch it bounce back as good as new. If you have [...]

How To Remap Keys On Your Mac

When Apple designed the MacBook keyboards, they were probably thinking of which commands we will be using the most when they assigned shortcuts to specific functions, but as with everything else that is being used by millions of people, actual usage does not always align with intended purpose, so many default keys are left unused [...]

How To Reformat Your Macbook or Macbook Pro

If you have been having some issues with your MacBook Pro like noticeable slowdowns, applications frequently crashing, or programs refusing to work altogether, one of the solutions that you might be advised to do is to format or reformat your MacBook Pro. Format vs. Reformat: Which One Do You Need to Do “Formatting” and “reformatting” [...]

How To Optimize Your Mac’s Battery Performance

  Having to constantly make a mad dash for the charger every time your Mac’s battery levels approach near depletion can be a pain, especially if you are commuting to work or backpacking on vacation where the nearest power outlet is kilometers away. This is why it’s important that you take steps to optimize your [...]