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PowerMax is a great resource for the business owner or corporate employee who is looking for the perfect place to procure Apple-related hardware and software at the right price… and with the service and support you need.

The benefits of dealing with PowerMax include:

You work one-on-one with a PowerMax Business Consultant who will make a point to understand the ins & outs and special needs of your unique business.

Your PowerMax Apple Business Sales Professional has a team of Apple Trained & Certified Engineers capable of handling any workstation, network, Server/SAN, or storage issue your business might encounter.


We understand that regular business customers often buy in larger quantities and should often get a special price break. Your PowerMax Business Consultant will work closely with you — without annoying runarounds or canned sales pitches — to get you the best price for everything you need.


PowerMax will extend open account terms to qualifying businesses, making purchases as easy as giving us a purchase order number. Call one of our sales consultants to apply for Credit with PowerMax at 1-888-452-7939.

Keeping your business running at peak efficiency is hard enough without the up-front cost of high-end computer equipment. Since technology changes so rapidly, it only makes sense to refresh your technology every 2-4 years, and there’s no easier and more cost-effective way to do that than with leasing.

Leasing Benefits

  •  – Get what you need quickly. Approval for low monthly payments typically does not require the long internal cycle of an outright purchase, so you can put the equipment to work right away.
  •  – Financing gives you convenient, affordable access to the latest technology to boost your productivity. A low monthly financing payment instead of a total purchase price frees up your cash and credit lines for other important business needs or emergencies.
  •  – Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping. Our competitive proposals combine the products you need with the most affordable way to pay for them. You can usually include additional costs such as freight, installation, software, tax, and maintenance contracts.
  •  – Get flexible payment options. Customized payment plans are available to help you overcome budget constraints and match your revenue and cash flow patterns.
  •  – Take advantage of upgrade or trade-in opportunities. You can easily upgrade or add new equipment at any time, as your business needs change and new technology is developed.

PowerMax is happy to assist you with some great ways to finance your equipment. And it has nothing to do with whether you have the cash on hand, it’s all about making one of your best investments – your own company – work for you.

Call to speak to a PowerMax Business Consultant today at 800-689-8198.