Augmented Reality Teddy Bears By Apple To Serve A Wide Array Of Functions

Apple is one of those companies that have embraced augmented reality (AR) in a major way. Its iOS 11 operating system and iPhone devices have been employing AR technology impressing users around the globe.

Some time back, Parker was accompanied by assortment of cameras, batteries, and Wi-Fi radios. That isn’t the case anymore since it no longer requires these assortments towards driving crucial user interactions. In the current times, it usually employs the free AR app in its playtime sessions.

The Founder and CEO of Seedling, Phoebe Hayman opined, “Seedling is reimagining play. We are taking old school physical toys and bridging them with new technologies in a way that is gentle and safe to create meaningful experiences for families.”

He added that as a company they remained committed to leveraging on technology towards creating the kind of magic that will bring Parker the Bear and a child’s imagination to life. Children aged three and up are the ones that Parker is specifically designed for. It offers the children an opportunity to learn about science, arts, education, technology, math and arts. Used as a doctor-style play product, Parker is an important tool in helping teach learners Biology.

In 2013, Apple collaborated with Anki and the two sought to start selling AI firm’s iOS-connected remote control car and a wide array of robotics. The unveiling of Parker meshes is seen as a progressive move by the company. That backed up by the AR might be what Apple needs to become the stock to watch in the market.

Persons interested in the purchase of Parker can do that on and it goes at a price of $59.95.Seedling has also advised those interested in buying its bear to simply visit its website.

Business competition is growing fierce by the day around the globe. Every company is trying its best to remain relevant in the market and Apple is one of these companies. The company has always been quick to adopt the latest in terms of technological advancements.

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