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Ask Max: Would a Mac mini be a decent replacement for a G4?

Asked on 05/26/2010:

Hello Jacob,

I am currently using a beefed up G4 at home and at work. When I got it it was the previous years top of the line. I've since upgraded the processor and added RAM, new HD's and Optical drives on both my home machine and work. I use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash for work, I use Bryce, Lightwave, Garageband and all of the work applications at home.

Would a Mac mini be enough muscle to replace the G4? Also could I run the Star Trek online game in boot camp or one of the other emulators?


- Chris


New or refurbished, everyone loves a Mac miniIn general a new Intel Mac mini or refurbished Mac mini is a great replacement for most PowerPC systems. I use one as my primary home computer and can say that I have yet to find its limit.

The only drawback for you will be working with software that was designed to run on a PowerPC processor, it will have to be run in a special environment on your computer called Rossetta. Everything should work, but just may not be running at its full potential speed.

- Jacob

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