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Ask Max: Word is crashing every print job we submit, any suggestions?

Asked on 12/24/2009:

Hi Jacob,

We have 2 Mac Minis and a G5 networked through a Netgear ethernet box to a Xerox 8500 Phaser wax printer. All computers are running on OSX.4. We use mostly Microsoft Word, the most recent Mac version. Nearly every time we submit a print job, Word crashes. If we haven't saved just prior, all changes are lost. When we restart Word, we can usually print but if we make any additional changes in the document, Word crashes again.

What we have tried - reinstalling Word from the CD, the printer software, new cables. We've tried connecting one computer directly to the printer via USB. None of this seems to make any difference in the crashing effect.

The rest of the networking and computers are working fine, this is our one issue, but it is SUCH a pain.

Do you have any suggestions?


- Mary-Howell


There was a bug in Office 2004 that cased it to crash when printing which was fixed in an Office update. Please make sure that you are running the most recent version of MS Office for the Mac. You do that via the Microsoft Autoupdate program in your Applications folder. If the problem continues after fully updating your Office programs, then you may need to reset your Printer system. Apple has iInfo on the Reset Printing System feature as well.

After you reset the Printing System, you will need to re-add your Phaser 8500. Take the opportunity to see if Xerox has an updated driver before your add the printer again.

Hope that helps,

- Jacob

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