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Ask Max: Wireless for Mac G5 - can I do this?

Asked on 05/07/2010:


I have a G5 Power Mac 2.7 system in the basement. Sometimes it sees my Airport express from upstairs ... sometimes doesn't. Can I make my G5 tower wireless?

- Mike


G5 wireless antennaAll, but the last model, need a Power Mac G5 wireless antenna connected to the back of the case.

You need to make sure that G5 antenna is connected to the Airport port on the back of the unit. It can be put into the Bluetooth port by accident, or it sometimes is missing altogether. Both problems will cause poor wireless performance. If you plan on making the G5 wireless - and have the "T" antenna installed correctly - you can try to adjust the angle of the "T" so that it get the best signal quality. Try using the Kismac OS X wireless tool to get a more detailed view of your wireless signal strength.

Hope this helps - good luck making the G5 wireless!


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