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Ask Max: Windows is crashing when booting with Parallels...

Asked on 07/22/2009:

Hi Jacob

I have a Duo Core Intel Macbook. Unfortunately, the 90 day warranty has just expired. I am having problems booting Windows through parallels. Windows starts to boot (black screen/Windows logo but as it is about to load it crashes. A blue screen appears and there is an error message but it flashes and disappears so quickly that I can't read what it says. I don't have a Windows XP or Parallels installation disc as the Macbook came fully loaded. It might be that I just have a virus on the Windows partition that has messed something up.

The Apple store want to keep my Mac for a week and charge me a "Kings Ransom" to repair it. I need my Mac as I use it to teach every day.

Help please. I use a lot of Windows software in my teaching now I can't get to them. Any advice?

I am in Freehold NJ central

- Mick


Windows is a fickle beast and especially in virtualization. It could be that a change or update to Parallels has cased a driver conflict in your copy of Windows. Follow these instructions from to remove and then reinstall the Parallels Tools.

1. Start Windows in Safe Mode (Press F8 key during the boot-up process and choose Safe Mode from the list).

2. Uninstall Parallels Tools

   • From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel > Add or remove programs.

   • Select Parallels Tools and click Remove.

3. Restart the Windows guest OS.

4. While Windows is running, install Parallels Tools again:

   • From the Parallels Desktop menubar, choose Actions > Install Parallels Tools. The Parallels Tools installation wizard appears in the guest OS window.

   • Follow the wizard instructions to complete installation.

5. Restart the Windows guest OS again.

- Jacob

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