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Ask Max: Will you buy a Mac from me if I am not getting another one from you?

Asked on 05/16/2007:

I have a Mac PowerBook G4 1.33 Ghz/512 RAM/Superdrive/10.3.9. It works great and I love it, but my job requires me to use software that is not compatible and I must go to the dark side (buy a PC). What is your buying policy? Can you give me a quote?


You can certainly get a quote from me or by calling into our sales line. We would need to know the screen size and all the details, but sending us the serial number would let us get most of that info. Unfortunately, we do not buy computers outright. We take them as trade towards another purchase. In the past this would have been a problem for people who need to use PCs for work, but everything has changed in the last year. Now Intel-based Macs can run both Windows and Mac operating systems, essentially giving you the best of both worlds. A MacBook could be set to boot into either Windows XP/Vista or Mac OSX. Some users will boot into Windows during work hours and then use the Mac OS when they are at home. There is also the option of running Windows and OSX together with the Parallels Desktop software. Intel Macs have made it so you do not have to choose one OS over the other; all opportunities are available for the modern Mac user.

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