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Ask Max: Will the aluminum PowerBook case degrade Wi-Fi reception?

Asked on 04/17/2007:

I would like to buy a aluminum PowerBook 15". I have just heard that the aluminum casing ruins the wi-fi capability. I don't mind a small amount of loss like ten percent, but in your opinion, is it much worse?


All metal degrades wireless signals, that's why your microwave oven does not cook you when it's cooking your dinner. The wireless signal of 802.11b/g is the same type of signal as what is used in your microwave oven, and the oven has a metal housing to keep the cooking contained in the box. Apple knows this of course and has placed the wireless antennas behind rubber and not aluminum. I have an Aluminum G4 and find the wireless range to be exceptional, even compared to my plastic G4 iBook. Hope that helps!

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