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Ask Max: Will my PC monitor work as a Mac mini monitor?

Asked on 01/23/2009:

Finally had enough with PC. Sooner (mostly) or later they've all become time-sucking aggravators. So I've decided to ease into the Apple world and I have purchased a used Mac mini and should receive it next week. I'm of the understanding from reviewing the PowerMax site that my PC printer, etc will all connect and work if they are USB-connected.

What about my monitor, which is not USB? The cable/port that came with my monitor is identified as a D-sub 15 pin. How do I connect it to the Mac mini?



Some used Mac minis (pre 2009) support two video connection types called DVI and VGA. VGA uses a D-sub 15 pin connection, so your old PC monitor should work fine. These older systems have a DVI port on the back of the unit, but it will allow your VGA monitor to connect to it via a DVI to VGA adapter. About 2009, they started using Mini Displayport and then HDMI in 2010 as video connectors. 

By 2011, the Mac mini started using Thunderbolt along with HDMI for video output, so new ones will have these two ports as well. 

Whether you have a recently used Mac mini or one that's a little older, you should still be able to use your VGA monitor with an adapter. We have several available. Here are a few choices, and there are many more when you search our site:

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