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Ask Max: Will data backed up on a Power PC system work on an Intel Mac?

Asked on 08/19/2009:

I have been backing up a G4 Mac Mini and a G4 iBook on a LaCie NAS HD using Time Machine. I have purchased a MacBook with Gary Mead's help and intend to do a system "restore" on that machine from the external HD. Will the data/programs from the G4s, stored on that NAS HD, work on the dual-core system?

Unfortunately, the MacBook does not have a FW jack.




When moving from PowerPC based Macs to an Intel Mac, I always recommend using Migration Assistant when you first start up the new Mac. During the initial setup you are given the option to move data over from your old Mac. The new Migration Assistant now allows you to do that over a network connection. Below is a link to Apple article on this process. Most applications should run fine on your system. Universal applications will run at full speed and PowerPC applications can run in an emulation mode of-sorts. It is a good idea to download fresh copies of Universal software, if available online to replace older version moved over during the migration.

Network based data migration using Migration Assistant.

In most cases you should be fine. If your ethernet enabled migration is interrupted, it will pickup where you left off so you do not need to guard it during the process.

- Jacob

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