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Ask Max: Will a Sonnet controller work with a LaCie drive?

Asked on 10/01/2008:

I have two LaCie d2 Quadra 1TB drive running RAID-1 on Firewire in a Mac Pro 2008. I got a LaCie eSata PCI card and the LaCie drives I installed have problems.
I am considering the Sonnet TSATAII-E4P TEMPO SATA E4P Serial ATA Host Adapter for PCI Express, but in checking the Sonnet site there are cautions about drives using the Oxford chip set and recommendation using a jmicron chipset.I can’t find out what chipset LaCie uses…

My question is will the Sonnet controller work with the LaCie drives?


Have you considered using the Mac Pro's internal SATA ports via this eSATA extender cable adapter from Newer Tech?

This product works on all Mac Pros and allows you to use the internal SATA ports sitting dormant in your Mac Pro as two eSATA ports. I think this will get you the stability you want without the chipset worries.

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