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Ask Max: Will a MacBook work well for recording live into GarageBand?

Asked on 12/01/2008:

I am interested in recording real instruments into Garageband and posting these files on a website. I currently have a MacBook with 266 MHz and 1 GB memory. Is this powerful enough to record live music into Garageband? I have read that this level of machine may not be powerful enough to record into. What is your opinion?


I am unsure exactly what system you have because the used MacBooks range from 1.83GHz to 2.4GHz processor speeds. Whatever MacBook or used MacBook pro you own will be fine for audio recording. More RAM is always a good upgrade; 2GB is the new entry level for serious work these days. You will want to get a USB or FireWire audio interface to connect the instruments to Garageband. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro is a popular choice.

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