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Ask Max: Why would someone order a Glossy screen instead of a matte screen?

Asked on 05/09/2007:

In the new Macbook Pros there are two screen choices-glossy & matte.. Which is the preference?


Well, whether you like a glossy or matte finish on your display screen is like asking "do you like butter or jam on your toast?" The answer is of course I like both, but you may not. The glossy screen provides vibrant color that draws you in. Matte-finished displays are good in many different lighting situations and are what we are accustomed to. Matte displays offer accurate color but glossy displays offer brighter, more saturated images. Many people who work outdoors prefer glossy over matte because of the brightness. In the end it has more to do with individual taste, but overwhelmingly the public chooses matte displays. Glossy is not often selected and it sometimes is returned.

I hope this helps some, but if you can't find a glossy screen MacBook to examine in person, then you should buy a matte screen model.

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