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Ask Max: Why would I want Sony 23 in flat panel instead Dell Monitor?

Asked on 04/30/2007:

Hi Jacob, maybe you can answer this for me or please direct this question to someone who can. Regarding the Sony 23 in flat panel Item Number: e05972

I've put 3 DELL 23 inch monitors in our prepress department recently and they are fairly solid monitors that cost $700.

Is the SONY's picture and Color fidelity $400 bucks better? Than the DELLS or other 23" monitors? I've looked at the 23 Apple Displays and like the DELLS better...never been able to check out the Sony's live.

In other words why would I want this one instead? Just curious.


Over the past few years I have found that Sony's quality and competitive edge has diminished. The simple answer to your question is the Sony display has no advantage to the Dell display. The Dell display is a great monitor, and I can say this because both Apple and Dell use the same LCD panels in their equipment. There are a few advantages in working with Apple displays for color correction, but the Dell displays should look the same as the Apple displays when uncalibrated. You may want to give the Apple another shot in a side-by-side comparison, but I do not think that the Sony display is superior.

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