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Ask Max: Why isn't one of our networked computers syning its calendar?

Asked on 11/26/2009:

We use BusySync for syncing all of our calendars. This morning 3 out of the 4 computers are synced up to date but the 4th computer is not communicating with the other calendars. What the other 3 are entering on their computers is not going on the 4th calendar nor what is entered on the 4th computer going on the other 3 computers. I tried shutting down and re-starting but that didn't seem to solve the problem.

I thought that maybe it was because the 4th computer is wireless but our other wireless computer is okay. Any suggestions?


If you using the Sync with Google Calendars feature of BusySync Google limits the number of concurrent connections to a standard account. To test you could shutdown the working computers and then restart the one that is not updating. See if it starts syncing. If it does maybe you can limit the number of Google Calendar Synced clients and have everyone else just use the LAN sync feature of BusySync to get the data from the Google Calendar Synced systems.

Let me know if that helps,

- Jacob

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