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Ask Max: Why is my iPod classic is freezing up on my PC?

Asked on 04/22/2009:

I have a new IPod Classic. It was setup on a different PC. When I try to connect to my PC with iTunes it freezes up. Both PCs (mine and the PC that the iPod was setup on) have windows XP. I did a diagnosis test on my hard drives and everything came back as working properly. Do you have any thoughts as to why it's locking up on my PC?


There are a few things you can try that should get your iPod classic working on both systems. The first thing to check is that both systems have the current service pack installed. Windows XP is on Service Pack 3 now, and the difference between XP with certain service packs makes functional differences.

After you get Windows XP in order you may also have to uninstall and then reinstall both iTunes and Quicktime.

Also, here are some additional troubleshooting ideas for XP.

Hope this helps


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