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Ask Max: Which model iPod will work with my older iPod dock?

Asked on 06/17/2009:

Hi Jacob,

I have a 30Gb 5th generation iPod Video (Model MA002LL/A) that’s on its last legs (I’m afraid). I also have a Klipsch iGroove speaker dock that’s about two years old (works great), that plays and charges the iPod. I tried a 4th gen iPod Nano on the speaker dock, and it gave me a message that said that the Nano doesn’t support charging on that device (although it does play music through the speakers). I understand that Apple has changed the internal dock connector on newer iPods, and that the revised connector has a different pin configuration than was used on older models. If I need to replace my iPod, what model can I get that will both play and charge on my Klipsch speaker dock? Will the 80G 6th generation iPod classic do this, or should I look for a used or refurbished 5th generation unit?

Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.



I believe that the iPod classic will not have the charging problem that you saw with the 4th Generation Nano. The Classic will most likely be the newest iPod that will charge in the iGroove dock though. Most other iPods now use the new pinning. If you want to be certain though, you can find some good deals on used fifth generation iPods on our used iPods page.

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