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Ask Max: Which MacBook would be best for video editing in Final Cut?

Asked on 06/25/2009:


You guys have been great in the past when I have bought a new Mac from you, here's my problem, I do some video editing on Final Cut, nothing to elaborate. Mostly news stories. I would love to get a Mac air for the weight, but is it fast enough for this purpose or do I have to go back to a MacBook or Pro? HELP!!




I would steer you towards the MacBook Pro for professional video work. This is mainly due to the advanced Graphics system that is used in the MacBook Pro. Final Cut Studio is not compatible with integrated Intel graphics processors, like the ones found in older MacBooks or MacBook Airs. Even the newer MacBook Airs, with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, will feel a little under powered. Also the drive size and speed will be an issue for you, unless you bought the Solid State Drive (SSD). With the SSD option you will be set for speed but not space. The MacBook Pro is currently the only contemporary Apple laptop with FireWire. FireWire connectivity is probably a part of your workflow now and it could be

difficult to work without it.

Now if you want to use Final Cut Express on a MacBook Air, that would probably work fine. This is because you could transfer the the projects to Final Cut Pro later form heavier editing. Hope that gives you enough information to make a good choice based on your work.

- Jacob

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