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Ask Max: Which kind of SCSI card do I need to network my G4 tower?

Asked on 01/27/2010:

I need a little help and guidance here. I'm helping a friend of mine set up a computer he bought off of you guys a little while back (Peter West, Washington, PA). I'm by no means any sort of computer expert but I'm a little better at fumbling through this than he is.

This is the scenario. He has one older system running a Roland large format printer and an Agfa scanner both serial driven (no USB no Firewire). He bought the tower off of you to build a backup clone should his current original tower bite the dust.

We need two 25 pin SCSI cards for a G4 tower and I have no idea where to start on which type. The less expensive the better (only if it's still a reliable choice). Can you give me some help on what to get here?


- Toby


Sure thing, you probably want an Adaptec 2916 card.

When I was a install tech I used this card 99% of the time and never had a bad one. There are better cards for hard drive control but this is fine for external devices. SCSI also can be run in daisy chains, so you may be able to get by with just one card, if one of the devices supports pass through.

- Jacob

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