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Ask Max: Which is the best battery for my MacBook?

Asked on 07/06/2009:

What's the right (and best) replacement battery for my MacBook Pro 15" "Intel Core 2 Duo" laptop, 1.16 GHz, serial # W87182FHW0G?? It seems really wimpy so I never go off AC power but would like to be able to. Willing to pay more for better one than what it came with. And for my education, what's the easiest way to identify the above laptop? Is is titanium or aluminum? G3 or G4? My "hardware overview" doesn't say...

Thanks Jacob!!!!

- Oriana


It has been some time since I bought a none Apple battery but when I did buy one last it was from BTI. They have long had a good reputation for making OEM replacements. This 15" MacBook battery should work for you. But you can always go with the Apple 15" MacBook original battery, which is not a bad idea. Both are going to perform about the same on your Mac computer.

As for identifying your laptop the proper name of it is MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo. The terms titanium, aluminum, G3, and G4 all refer to much older Mac laptops.

- Jacob

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