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Ask Max: Which iPods will work with OS X 10.4 and earlier?

Asked on 12/23/2009:


I have an iBookG4 with OSX 10.3.9. Leopard. Processor is 1.33GHz PowerPC G4 and with 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM. I went to an Apple store to buy an iPod and they only stock ones that run on OSX 10.4. All I want is an iPod that will store a reasonable amount of tracks to listen to while I am jogging.

Can you recommend a model that will suit my needs and my system?

Thank you,

- Max


If you want to stick with OS X 10.3.9, then you should look at some of our used Fifth generation iPods or used iPods. They are also called an iPod Video in the descriptions. My wife owns one and loves it for video and music. This model is the most advanced iPod that will still work with a Mac OS before 10.4 Tiger. For running though, you may just want to get a used original iPod Nano. They do not weigh much and have no hard drive to get damaged by bouncing around. I had one, but I loved it to death and just have an iPhone now.

If you are interested in upgrading your iBook, it will run Leopard just fine. My teenage daughter has that exact same model iBook running Leopard and she will not let me replace it.

- Jacob

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