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Ask Max: Which iPods are compatible with the Sonic Impact V55?

Asked on 04/24/2009:

Does the Sonic ImpactV55 IPod portable audio and speaker system work for the 2nd generation IPod touch? Which iPods will it work for, which ones require a cable from Apple and how much is that? Thank you.


The Sonic Impact i-Fusion V55 is designed to work with any standard definition video source, but only specific iPods can be placed in its center dock. If you want to use it as pictured, you will want to get or own an iPod 5th generation with video - or better yet, an iPod touch. For all current generation iPods you will need to buy an AV cable and operate the iPod externally connected to the Sonic Impact i-Fusion V55. You will want to use the same Apple adapter cable that you use to connect an iPod to your TV.

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