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Ask Max: Which iPod to Get?

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I am interested in getting an iPod, preferably refurbished, but I don't know one model from another. I want an older, larger one -- not one of these tiny thin new things. It does need to have a screen so I can select various playlists exported from my Mac's iTunes. (I believe shuffle doesn't have a screen).Can you briefly explain all the various models, what features and sizes they represent, which are the most economical, etc. ???Thanks.


There are more then a few iPod models.. When Apple upgrades the iPod I can hear loud groans from the sales floor because they have to memorize a whole new group specifications. Luckily it is easy enough to classify the iPod in groups.. The basic iPod has a B&W screen and ranged in hard drive size from 5GB to 40GB. We currently have some 20GB refurbished units of this style (Refurbished 20GB iPod). Later they started making the same style iPod but with a color screen in 20GB, 40GB, and 60GB sizes. We also have refurbished units of that iPod (Color 20 GB iPod). Then the iPod was made larger so it can display video on a larger color screen (The Latest Color iPod).In addition to the standard line of iPods there is the mini & nano iPod lines that function much like the original iPods without video, but in a smaller package. These are the tiny ones you are thinking about but the mini was a larger unit and may be the right fit for you. Finally you have the shuffle, which has no screen and is designed to be a repository for your favorite music. You can only skip back and forth through songs. They are all flash memory and have small capacities of 512MB or 1GB.Hope that helps a little but I could go into all kinds of detail and never be done writing. Look at the 20GB B&W or Color screen models.

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