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Ask Max: Which hard drive case will work for my iBook?

Asked on 03/26/2009:

Hi Jacob, I hope you may be able to help...

I have an iBook G3 that has recently packed it in. I'm looking to transfer my data from it to my new MacBook. What HDD case do I need to get to house my 'IBM Travelstar' 30GB, 2.5"/9.5mm, ATA/IDE, 4200RPM hard drive?

I hope I haven't left any information out...



There are a few drive adapter cases out there that will probably work well for you but I would suggest just getting a Universal Drive Adapter cable. This will not only work on your used iBooks hard drive but also let you use it on almost any other raw drive you come across.

I have one in my tool box and it is invaluable. If, however, you would rather have a full hard drive enclosure then look at this nice budget unit that will create a permanent home for your old Apple computer hard drive.

Hope that helps,

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