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Ask Max: Which Core 2 Duo is in the new iMac?

Asked on 09/20/2006:

I was just wondering if you know which Core 2 Duo processor is being used in the new iMac? They don't say on their own website and I was wondering if it's a custom design or an already produced one. Thanks for any info.


Apple is using standard Intel processors in the new Macs. The current iMacs use the Core 2 Duo mobile processor. This chip is sometimes referred to by its code-name Merom. It is a 64-bit processor with 4MB L2 cache memory. Because it's a standard Intel processor, all X86 operating systems will be able to communicate with it. Of additional interest is that the Graphics card in the 24" iMac is removable and possibly upgradable. A first for any iMac.Hope that is the info you wanted.

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