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Ask Max: Which browser should I upgrade to?

Asked on 08/21/2009:

I was told my current web browser needs updating and my choices are Internet Explorer 5.0 higher, Netscape 6.2.3 or higher or AOL 5.0 or higher. I have a Mac and use Comcast internet service. I wasn't sure which to choose?

Also should I be worried about the worm for my MAC or PC or just a bunch of BS?

Thanks again,



Well some sites are focused only on PC systems and do not recognize the Mac browsers. Firefox would be your best option, it is based on what was left of Netscape. Microsoft stopped making a Mac version of Internet Explorer many years ago and so that would not be the best option. Here is a link to FireFox:

For the most part your Mac is safe from the worms and viruses that plague the PC world. Mostly this is due to the incompatibility of the two operating systems. Most evil people do not bother writing two versions of the same virus for each platform. The main thing is, be careful of what you install on your Mac (only software from trusted places) and run the Mac Software Update often.

- Jacob

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