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Ask Max: Which basic Mac would you recommend?

Asked on 07/15/2009:

I am 83 years old but would like to purchase a new computer and my family states I should buy an Apple. I like to play games and keep in contact with family and friends by e-mail - what type of computer would you recommend as I don't need a lot of graphics etc.

Thank You


I think a basic iMac would be a good choice for you. That is the kind of Mac my wife and I share and it makes a good home computer. This 20" iMac model is excellent, it was recently replaced with a slightly different version of the same computer, so it is on sale. Any of the newer iMacs will give you power and performance to last many years. You can look at all the 24" iMac as well.

The nice feature of the iMac is that it has the display and computer combined together in a single unit. So you really only need to worry about connecting the Keyboard/mouse and Power to get it running. If you have a high-speed internet connection at home, the iMac will have no trouble connecting. If you use dial-up internet, then you need to buy USB modem, like this Apple external modem.

- Jacob

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