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Ask Max: Which adapter will I need for an iBook external monitor?

Asked on 07/17/2009:

Hi Jacob,

I have the last generation iBook G4, and I am wondering what the Video port is called, and what adapter I need for use with today's LCD displays?





My daughter has one of these G4 iBook. The only computer display port that you can use is VGA, an analog connection. You will need a Mini-VGA to VGA adapter cable to connect a VGA display.

The good news is that many LCD displays support both DVI and VGA connections, or have only VGA ports. Take a look at the 17" LCD displays with VGA. You will be limited to a 1024 X 768 image, no mater how big the display, the iBook is set to only Mirror what is on the laptop display. That limit on your iBook is 1024 X 768 pixels, so do not over spend on a display.

- Jacob

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