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Ask Max: Which adapter will allow me to connect my Mac mini to my Apple Studio 15" monitor?

Asked on 08/04/2009:

I just bought a Mac Mini from PowerMax, and, when I finally got around to setting it up today, I discovered that the cable from my Apple Studio 15-inch monitor is too wide for the slot on the Mac Mini. The adapter that came in the box isn't the right one. What sort of adapter do I need?

Thank you,

- Lana


Because the Apple ADC based LCD displays received their power from the ADC port on the older Macs, you will need more than a simple cable adapter. You need the powered Apple DVI to ADC Display Adapter.

You could also consider getting a newer LCD display, like this Acer 19" display, that is bigger for just a little more than the powered adapter.

- Jacob

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