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Ask Max: What's the easiest way to view an email message in Finder?

Asked on 05/07/2009:

Is there a way to quickly and easily find a message in Apple's mail in the Mail folder? In other words, when viewing a message, is there a script/utility or anything that can "Reveal in Finder" the message you are looking at?



There are two ways to find the original email file on your system there is an easy way and a hard way. The hard way would be to first find an identifier in the email that will make it easy to find in Spotlight. An easy way to do that is to copy a large chunk of text from the body of the email. Then go to the Spotlight search next to the clock in your menu bar. Search for that text you have copied. Hopefully just one item will be returned in the results. Select "Show All" to get the search results into a separate window. Click once on the email item in the list and select "Get Info" from the File menu. Two pieces of info will be important to you. In the General section will be the "Where:" location of where all your email from that account is stored. Then in the Name & Extension section of the Info window will be the real name of the email, for instance 740892.emlx is the name of your email to me. You can then got to folder where your email is kept and find the message.

OK now the easy way; I had to put it at the end or nobody would read through the hard way. Find the email in Apple Mail and drag it to your desktop. A copy of the email message will be placed on your desktop so you can do with it as you please.

Hope that helps,


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