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Ask Max: What Wattage UPS to buy

Asked on 04/21/2008:

It is so confusing to understand the wattage that is required for computer systems. I can't seem to find out what Wattage my computer puts out and what is required for a UPS.

I have an 867 dual Macintosh G4 with 2 internal hard drives, an Apple 23" cinema display and a 500 GIG external drive that needs a UPS. what is the wattage I should look for in one?

It seems like the model names of the UPS's show a higher number than actual wattage of that particular model UPS.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, is there a way to dispose of older UPS's?


When calculating Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) wattage, I often drop by the APC website to use their calculators. APC is a Mac-friendly, quality company.

Assuming that you don't need too much runtime during a power outage, just enough to shutdown, then this unit would work for you:

When your old UPS needs to be recycled, you need to contact the county or city hazardous waste department to find out where you can dispose of batteries. A UPS often uses a battery comparable to the one found in some motorcycles, so you might want to find out where those batteries end up.

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