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Ask Max: What Mac would be best for professional photo processing?

Asked on 04/17/2007:

Thinking to replace my G4 when the next edition of Adobe Photoshop comes out. What is your recommendation for configuration of a Mac used only for professional photo processing? Printing with an Epson 7800.


Believe it or not, an iMac would be the right choice for you. Although you are a pro user, current iMacs have plenty of power and quality screens. The 24™ iMac would be the best solution for your particular needs because the larger screen size will help you when working with large-format printing. A 20™ iMac would also work but you would want to consider adding an Apple 20™ display to extend your desktop. A $19.99 adapter will let you add any DVI display to an Intel iMac and increase your desktop. If you already have a good display, then you may just want to get the 20™ iMac and use it with your current display.

Hope you like it!

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