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Ask Max: What is the upgrade process to OS 10.5?

Asked on 10/30/2008:

I've got a two-year-old 15 MacBook Pro running OS 10.4.11. It's a great machine. However, there are a few programs - and one in particular that I want to run (Screenflow) that requires OS 10.5. The question is - what is the process to upgrade to 10.5 and what if any other software upgrade issues am I likely to encounter such MS word or Adobe products. Or, if I can afford it, am I better off just doing a machine-to-machine transfer to a new MacBook Pro.



Upgrading a Mac OS is a fairly painless process, particularly when the new OS has been out this long. Mac OS 10.5.5 is a stable version and I have had very few issues as of late. If you are using Office 2004, then you might have the occasional issue, but Office 2008 works well (as well as any Microsoft app works anyway). Office 2004 does not always perform perfectly on Intel systems, but it should have been already been an issue for you in Tiger so it may not bother you. When moving to Leopard most things on Mac computers will work the same or better.

You do not have to upgrade your MacBook Pro to use Leopard, but now would be a good time. The new Unibody MacBook Pros are, hands down, the best-designed Apple Laptops I have ever seen. If you can afford it, then save your Leopard upgrade money and put it towards the new MacBook Pro. You will fall in love even before you turn it on; I did.

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