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Ask Max: What is the best way to connect both a MacBook & MacBook Air to my receiver?

Asked on 11/16/2009:

Years of buying Macs from Powermax and Maiya Kennedy. Great help, great service. I bought a MacBook air in November or so, and my wife bought a MacBook several months ago, I ordered a "mini-dvi to hdmi" connector only to find out that the Apple Website has the mini divi connector shown in the Macbook Air specs when in fact it is a "micro DVI".

So, I will need to return the connector "mini" for a micro, but nobody makes a micro dvi to hdmi I want to connect either of the Macs to our receiver which has HDMI inputs as well as S video

and separate audio rather than connecting directly to the TV (download movies via iTunes and play them on the home video set-up.) I'd rather go via hdmi, but if not, then which micro dvi to connector is the best choice?

Nowhere is it written what the dvi output is- what type of output it is- analog, digital or dvi-i. I would like to use the micro-dvi to dvi connector (as in Apples) and then use a female to female dvi gender connector so that I can then plug it into my male dvi to hdmi cable and then to the receiver. Way too many connectors, but I hate to keep buying cables. The dvi to HDMI cable is left over from my MacBook Pro trade of November.

Can I do this? Apple's website is useless on this issue and they can't even get their mini or micro labels correct.


A. Scott


You are on the right track, you only need the Apple Micro-DVI to DVI Adapter to connect to the other end of male dvi to hdmi. Then it will connect to the cable you already own, like this HDMI/DVI cable and connect to your home theater.

All these adapters can drive you crazy, but at least Apple as standardized on a single Mini Display Port for all new Macs, even the 2008 MacBook Air model uses it. If you ever get one of those you will need this Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter.

Both adapters have female ports so the mail DVI connector will hookup.

- Jacob

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