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Ask Max: What is the best Mac for Final Cut Pro Video Editing?

Asked on 05/09/2007:

I want to get a Mac that I can use at home, either a desktop or a laptop, that works really well with Final Cut Pro and video editing. Ideally with a lot of memory and speed, obviously needed for video editing. I've used the Quicksilver G4 for editing which ok but not great, so I want to invest in something newer, and something that will work for video editing for at least 2 or 3 years, possibly more. What would you recommend? The editing I want to do will not involve huge effects or graphics, but at the same time I want the potential to be able to do a range of types of editing/effects.What would you suggest?


The Mac Pro is, of course, the best choice for Final Cut work but its price is not always in every editor's budget. The 24" iMac is a very good Final Cut Studio computer. However, the stock model needs a few upgrades to make it a true video editing workstation. It should have the upgraded video RAM so that you have 256MB VRAM available. Also your system RAM should be upgraded to 2GB or 3GB, although 2GB is enough to start with. The last upgrade needed is optional, if you have external storage space. Upgrade the internal hard drive to 500GB or 750GB. With video, you can never have enough hard drive space. The FireWire 800 port on the iMac 24" is also an essential part of a video stations I/O requirements. The fact that Apple includes FireWire 800 on the 24" iMac is an indication that it's a pro-video editing class of computer. The only negative to the 24" iMac is that Motion will not run at top speed on this system, but it will work fully.

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