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Ask Max: What hard drives can install in my Quicksilver G4?

Asked on 04/30/2007:

Can I add a second internal drive? If so, can it be a 7200 RPM drive? What kind of drives sit internally in these? I'd like one that can do some pretty intensive video editing (with an analog Media 100 system).


You certainly can add a second drive in Quicksilver G4. Out of the box every G4 Mac tower can support at least two internal drives. Macs of course ship with one drive, so you can add another just by setting its jumpers as a "secondary" drive (MDD G4s use "Cable Select") and placing it on top of the first drive. There will be an extra space on the ribbon cable and power cable for that second drive. Apple made two generations of Quicksilver G4 towers. The first generation could only work with hard drives 120 GB or smaller. The second generation, made in 2002, can see drives up to 500 GB. All these PATA drives for the Quicksilver are 7200 RPM drives. The bigger speed issue is with the PATA bus speed on the logic board, that is the system's true bottleneck. What you may want, for the best performance, is a PCI SATA card and a newer SATA hard Drive. Sonnet makes an affordable card that will fit in one of your open PCI slots. Then you just need to find any SATA hard drive that has a Molex power connector . This is going to be your best solution for getting large capacity and fast-writing hard drives into your Quicksilver G4.

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