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Ask Max: What do I need to watch TV on my iMac?

Asked on 12/17/2008:

I am very close to buying the 24 inch iMac but want to make sure that I will be able to watch TV on it. I currently have digital cable from Cablevision and want to be able to hook up the cable from my wall and then split it with 1 cable going to my Internet cable box and the other going into a TV tuner then into the iMac. Two brands I have heard of are Elgato and the ATI TV Wonder HD650. I look forward to your response.


I recommend Elgato equipment and specifically the EyeTV 250 Plus tuner.

This will handle all the unencrypted Digital signals coming from your Cable company. It will not work with all channels however, as some channels are encrypted by your cable company to protect the content. This tuner will also work with the analog signals on your cable system as long as they continue to provide analog signals.

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