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Ask Max: What are your opinions on the best camcorder for a Mac user?

Asked on 11/11/2009:

Hi Jacob,

I'm writing to you for ask an opinion, look I wanna buy a HD camcorder and have 3 options, could you please tell me your opinion about:

- Sony HDR-XR520V

- Canon VIXIA HF S10

- Panasonic HDC-HS300

I'm confused because I really don't know about lens, CMOS sensors, etc. I hope you can help me.

With best regards,

- Nicols


The Canon camera is probably the most Apple computer friendly camera of the three you are looking at. This could be because Canon does not make any competing computers with the Mac. Check out this Canon VIXHA.

Like many of these HD camcorders, the VIXIA has a decent still camera included in it, and comes with Mac specific software tools to get good images off the camera. It is also a full HD camera with the trusted optics from Canon. I own an Canon Digital SLR camera and am fairly impressed with the optical performance of their lenses. Most user reviews are positive on this camera and it seems to be built off some solid standards. It is often a good idea to avoid cutting edge sensors or recording formats. Otherwise you end up acting as a beta tester for the new technology.

This should be a solid HD camera for you ad your Mac computer.

- Jacob

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