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Ask Max: What are some good books on switching from PC to Mac?

Asked on 02/18/2009:

Hi Jacob,

I like to make the move from Windows OS's to Mac. My wife and I are heavy PC users (not gamers) but use the PC for business, communications, and Internet shopping. We are looking at a desktop model, something like the MB325. Can you suggest any reference material to read? Any books that describe the types of Macs and what they can do? Thank you.

P.S. I have wanted to make this move for several years as I am tired of all the maintenance and upkeep for a PC.


Welcome to the Mac community, we are happy to have you. The 24" Aluminum iMac that you are looking at is a good choice and should last you many years. I share a similar model with my wife in our home office and it is a great central family computer.

I love the The Missing Manual series from Pogue/O'Reilly press and think it would be a good series for you to read. Start with "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual - Leopard Edition." Then after you become comfortable with the differences between Mac and Windows, you can move on to "Mac OSX Leopard: The Missing Manual."

If you are interested in reading some online sources, you can try this switchers site that has some basic info to get you started:

Hope this helps,

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