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Ask Max: What are my options for upgrading my eMac?

Asked on 12/22/2009:

I have an older module eMac-G4 that was shipped to me in the early 2000's. Now would like to upgrade it but first I need to know if it can be upgraded. The machine has never been upgraded and no changes have been made. Can you please tell me the technical specifications and if I can upgrade it.

Thank you very much for your time.


Well you only have a few upgrade options with an eMac. You can easily upgrade the RAM to 1GB or 2BG, depending on the model. With a little technical help you can also upgrade the hard drive, but it may be beyond the average users skill level to open up that computer. Consider taking the eMac into an Apple Authorized service center.

Your best upgrade option would be to trade-in that eMac and look at getting a new or used Intel iMac. The performance boost to dollar ratio will be much more favorable to you by trading it in.

Hope that helps,

- Jacob

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