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Ask Max: What are my office's options for sharing a 2 TB drive?

Asked on 09/24/2009:

Jacob, at our office, we're sharing a 2 TB drive over Ethernet, but it's too slow. What are our other options for sharing a drive?

Thanks for your time.

- Clint


Most times sharing a drive over the network will be fast, sometimes faster that FireWire 800. You must have a Gigabit switch for that to work and good wiring in the building. Also, all your systems, including the network drive, must support Gigabit Ethernet. That will be the fastest and most cost effective way to share a drive over the network. Everything beyond that will have a large start-up cost.

If the 2TB drive is not a network drive or only has 10/100 Ethernet , just attach it to your fastest Mac and use File Sharing to grant access to the other Apple computers on the network.

- Jacob

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