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Ask Max: Western Digital Drive problems

Asked on 04/21/2008:

'll give you a basic run down of what I've done in setting up these drives. The main question is why does one of my new 120 GB drives show only 1.6 GB free as assigned to its icon on the desk top?

I added one new WD120 HD into the rack above the original (dying) hard drive. Using Carbon Copy Cloner transfered old hard drive to new HD. Removed both drives, put new drive

in position of original drive, then added additional new drive in rack directly above the new master drive. Initialized both drives. A third drive is an external Lacie 250GB.

After copying the hard drive and installing the 2nd drive I ran Disk Warrior on all three drives. The cloned drive was 25% out of order which I repaired.

I went to Western Digital's web site and read about master/slave protocol and also cable select protocol, and something about a jumper block inseted into the pins on the hard drive.


My only though has to do with how Western Digital pins their drives. When a WD drive is set as a Master drive with no slave drive present, there are no jumpers. When you add a Slave drive to the ribbon cable, you need to change the Master drive's settings by placing a jumper on the center row of pins. For the Slave drive, the jumper setting is placed on the next row over. One step closer to the power plug. Refer to Figure four in the PDF at this link:

Also note that the drive on the bottom of the Hard Drive stack, in a Quicksilver, is the Master drive.

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