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Ask Max: Virus and Spyware protection for my iBook G4

Asked on 09/20/2006:

I recently purchased an iBook G4 from you. Where do I go to download virus and spy ware protection? Do I need it?


There are a few sources for anti virus software for the Mac but I would not recommend that you use any of them. I once told people that "If it makes you feel better then go ahead and use it" but I now advise against it. In my experience it causes problems on the Mac and provides protection from a non-existent threat. Not only did you buy a computer that is not a target of Spyware or viruses, but you bought one that uses the PowerPC processor. That chip works differently than the new Intel Mac processors, so any future attacks will pass you by and there are no current exploits. If you want to err on the safe side of this subject, then all you will need to do is check for updates every day and never use any Microsoft software on your computer. That's overkill, but other than that you are safe as can be. Enjoy your Mac!

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