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Ask Max: Video Card Errors in a G4

Asked on 06/21/2006:

Jacob, I have a Power G4 dual 867 version 2.1 that I purchased from you folks. I love it. I'm running OS X10.2.8 I had the Radeon 9200 put into the machine so that the graphics would be better.

The problem:

I have purchased a game from "big fish", who is now doing games for Mac. Their games are listed to require G3 OS X. Their "Mystery Case Files: Huntsville" is not playing after I load it. I have followed all the recommendations that they have sent, in that I have updated all the applications listed by apple, I have restarted the computer, and I have made sure that after each time I down load the game and it doesn't work, that I have removed any trace of the game.

The fault windows that come up are:

cciMX05_no soundosx

then - director player error
? .ini file exist
must contain "movies with on entry movie 01= Pathname.dir

Then - the projector is stopping

The last message that I received from them is that maybe the video card needs to be replaced by the original. Is this possible?

Any ideas?


The 9200 video card put into that computer probably is a PCI graphics card and it would not replace the original video card. You can do a few things to test if the video card is the problem. You can first remove the original AGP video card by opening the computer and locating the card that is closest to the center of the computer. Remove the screw on the topside of the card and lift the card up out of its slot. There will be a plastic tab on the expansion slot that will need to be shifted to the side to release the AGP card. With the original card removed, you can power on the computer. Try starting the game again and see if it gives you the same errors. If it does then turn off the computer, reinstall the original graphics card, and remove the other card. Hook up your display to the old card. You may have to use an adapter. Restart and try the game. I suspect it will not work either time, but it's good to eliminate the cards as a possible cause.

I believe the heart of the matter is more likely with the Flash player used to create the game. First, get the latest Flash player here and see if it solves the problem. Next make sure the game is installed on your hard drive so that it is not too deep in the file system. For a test, install the game in the main section of your hard drive, not in any folders. Also try updating your version of QuickTime and use it to check the sound output of your computer. The error message indicates a sound problem. I tested the demo on a few systems without being able to recreate the problem. You may also want to use this as an opportunity to upgrade to Mac OS 10.4. When you upgrade to 10.4, do an "Archive and Install," which will replace any corrupted system files.

Sorry I do not have a silver bullet that will fix this but I hope this will get you gaming soon.

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