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Ask Max: Vibrating words on the screen!

Asked on 09/07/2006:

Jacob,Sometimes when surfing with my G5 running Safari, I come across a website where the words are vibrating and dithering. Is this a website problem or a video card issue (I've got a GeForce FX 5200). My monitor is a CRT Viewsonic G810 (9 years old) if that matters at all.Thanks for any insight you've got...


My suspicion would most certainly be the CRT display as opposed to the website or G5 video card. The FX 5200 is a capable video card that will handle anything on the web, and unless it is intentionally designed that way, most web text is going to look normal on new computers. A CRT display that is set incorrectly or wearing out could display text improperly. I would recommend finding a site that consistently cases the problem and start changing your monitor's resolution and frequency. After each change to your monitor preferences check the site and see if it corrects the vibrating text. If every setting is problematic then you should look at replacing your monitor with a newer LCD display. I always suggest upgrading your display at the same time as you update your computer. Take a look at a replacement option from Planar. me know how it goes.Jacob Loeb

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