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Ask Max: Using Skype with Bluetooth headset

Asked on 10/09/2006:

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with my Mac (Mac Pro with bluetooth) to access and use Skype or any of the other internet computer-based phone solutions?


Bluetooth headsets will work well in almost all Voice Over IP (VOIP) programs like Skype. Once you pair the headset with the Mac, it will act as a Mic source and Speaker source to the Mac OS. If the program does not use the Mac OS sound handling, you may have to set it in system preferences first. But it should work fine after that. I used to use one with iChat AV. The main thing to remember with VOIP is that a wireless headset and a wireless internet connection could interfere enough to degrade your call. Connecting to your router with a hard wire when using VOIP is always recommended.Happy free calling.

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