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Ask Max: Using non-OS 9 fonts in Classic Mode

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I have a G4 with 10.3.2. I still use FreeHand 9 in classic mode. When using it I don't have access to any of my fonts stored in the Fonts/Library/Home/OSX System folder, I can use them with my OSX apps. How can I use them in FreeHand 9? Do I need to put the same fonts in the OS9 System folder too?


Not all Fonts are transferable from OS X to OS 9. Fonts that have the ".FFIL," ".TTF," or ".LWFN" can work in both OS 9 and X. Other font packages like ".OTF" fonts won't work in OS 9. All you will need to do is copy the fonts you want over to "/System Folder/Fonts/" from the "/Library/Fonts/" folder. If you hold down the "Option" key when dragging the fonts over you'll make copies of them instead of just moving the fonts to a new place.

That should get your fonts in order.

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