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Ask Max: Using an iPod in a Toyota Prius

Asked on 06/21/2006:

Good Morning--Any advice about wiring my Toyota Prius for a Video iPod. I find the wireless FM option ok at best.


I have also been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the FM transmitters. I live in the city and that impacts the performance of the FM transmitters some, but even at their best it's not necessarily a quality sound solution. The fact of the matter is for many people FM transmitters are the most viable or easiest/cheapest solution, and as such, they are workable but sometimes problematic. As a Prius owner you have many other options. You can use the Sat1 or Stat2 channels with an AUX input adapter cable. That cable will get you a basic 1/8-inch audio jack that the iPod can plug into. You also have the ability to use the DICE icelink iPod car integration kit. The icelink is a CD changer replacement and that may not work for your needs if you already have a CD changer. A slightly more expensive but a better integration device is the SLI from Vais Tech. This will work with the Prius without disabling any other features already installed. All these options require getting under the dashboard so you may want to seek the help of a professional.

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